1. Personal exercise programs


Programs are designed in such as way as to benefit you and your situation and bring about the changes you want. Programs look at you as a whole and incorporate up-to-date research and methodologies.  Some of the specific tools we may use in your program include:


stretching - minimising restriction & therefore injury prevention


body weight exercises - specifically aimed at re-education of your muscles


pilates floorwork - learning to use your 'core' and generate correct movement patterns


strength exercises - to reinforce movements and create permanent change + build lean muscle


endurance training - reducing fatigue & relapse


cardiovascular training - increasing fitness, circulation and energy levels



2. Monitoring your progress


How do you know if your effort is worth it if you do not monitor your progress?  To ensure your changes are long term, monitoring progress is important.  This can be face-to-face, via email or over the phone, Skype etc



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