"This is to say thanks again for the successful treatment on my hip. I completed the Grand Traverse event last week without any problems. This was 6 days of tramping, mountain biking and paddling from Wanaka to Te Anau and all days were 8- 12 hours. My hip got a bit stiff at times but this came right after some stretches and there has been no sign of the pain you were treating. I’m rapped! So, thanks again for an accurate diagnosis and stretching and exercise regime that fixed the problem!" - Neil Edmond, Marketing Consultant and Presenter.


"Count me as number one in the Sonya Horne Fan Club. Having suffered from back and neck problems most of my life and having experienced every form of massage therapy known to human kind, she’s simply the best. I really appreciate the specificity of the treatment, the level of expertise and knowledge and Sonya’s explanations of what she’s doing and everything that’s going on. What also distinguishes Sonya is that the treatment is part of an overall attitude to posture, fitness and health that presents ongoing opportunities for improvement and controlling your own health destiny. She also hits that magic spot where absolute professionalism meets fun. I thoroughly recommend Sonya" - Linda Penno, Employment Law Specialist.

"Sonya is, without exception, professional in her approach. She explained in detail the outcome of my postural analysis and the recommended treatment plan. I’ve experienced positive results to a long-term injury and have recommended Sonya to others who would benefit from her services" - Kaye Lindsay, Franchisee Director.


"I found the treatment provided by Sonya & Infinity Health to be intuitive and professional with a sound follow-up program, in a comfortable and relaxing environment. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a comprehensive solution to their muscular pain" - Tiffany Weston, Store Developer.

"Since seeing Sonya, my fitness, posture and muscular strength have dramatically improved, as has my total wellbeing and my ability to cope with stress has been a revelation. I feel healthier, my diet has improved and I am now (reluctantly) cutting back on my coffee intake. What a turn-around. All through a little pain to make big gains" - Alan Sanders, Company Director.

"Sonya has provided me with improved flexibility and that combined with Pilates is affording me a pain free body. As my treatments have progressed, Sonya has ensured that I have the benefit of her knowledge, expertise and has at all times provided me with an extremely high standard of therapy - not to mention her professionalism" - Ally Mathias.

"A thorough professional with a genuine interest in her clients as people and their wellbeing" - Dave Le Marquand, Company Director.

"Since Sonya has been my personal trainer she has gone out of her way to help me recover fully from a major knee operation. Her knowledge of Neuromuscular Therapy is 100% and she has helped me understand my knee operation and get my body functioning to the point that I walked round-the-bays. I am a healthier person, fitter and now lead a more mobile life than 4 years ago. I would highly recommend Sonya" - Christine Webb.


"I always look forward to my session and always come out feeling a lot better. A very friendly, relaxed and professional. I also appreciate the call during the week asking how I'm feeling after the session. I have already recommended Sonya to a friend and I will continue to do so in the future" - Grant Kinghorn.


"Having a personal trainer /coach not only is assisting me with my fitness goals but also has a positive spill over to all other areas of my life” - Ginny Buell, Sales Manager.

“I went to Sonya after major surgery and been impressed by her knowledge in coping with my special needs in a workout” - Wendy Phelan, Company Director.

“Sonya presents herself as a professional, knowledgeable trainer. She focuses on the needs of the client and injects fun and variety into her sessions. She is a very motivating individual and I look forward to each session. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Sonya to anyone seeking personal results” - Scott Munday, H/R Consultant


"Sonya, you have a very professional approach and I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere" - Philippa Diver, Mum.




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